Touch-screen app for sound file playback
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Is there an Android app out there that would allow you to touch the screen (either a big icon or the entire screen) that would play back a selected sound file when tapped? The quicker the response time the better. And if it has options for multiple zones (like making a custom-made Simon), even better.
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Best answer: The sort of thing you're looking for is called a soundboard. Custom Soundboard might do what you want.
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Response by poster: Yes, that's the word I was trying to think of. Like the Arnold soundboard. That should get me started. Thanks.
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Instant Buttons (from cremagames studio...there's two apps with the same name) lets you do this in widget form, right on the home screen, with your choice of 6 color buttons, labeled or unlabeled. It comes with about 300 sounds preloaded or you can add (from music or ringtone files) your own, or record your own. And the buttons look like old school video game buttons and the ones I currently have are: Price is Right sad trombone, funny joke drum hit, and Legend of Zelda mystery sound.
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