Checklist app with alarm notification?
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I have to take medicine within a certain window every day, and while I'm getting used to it, I'd love to have an app for Android (or other great solution) with a notification that doesn't disappear until I acknowledge I've taken my medicine and that will notify me when its time to take it. If anyone knows of any app with this functionality, that'd me amazing - I've looked at alarm clock and checklist apps, but they either don't capture the time-sensitive nature of this or disappear as soon as I look at the notification. Thanks, metafilter!
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I have an iPhone alarm app that makes you take a picture of something you specify before it will shut off. If there were such a thing for Android, you could require yourself to take a picture of the pill bottle.?
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I haven't used one in a while, but there are a million specifically-designed "pill reminder" apps on the play store. I'm not sure which would have the functionality you're looking for, but enough of them are free that perhaps you can do some of your own poking for an ideal solution.
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I just keep snoozing the alarm until I've actually taken the pill. Once I've taken it, I open the app from the notification bar and pre-empt the next alarm. I use Alarm Clock Plus but I think you could do this with the built in alarm too?
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I use MediSafe for Android and it's free, slightly annoying to set up (but once it is, it's fine - the annoying part is it wants you to add friends, but that I can customize the picture of the pill makes up for that for me) and pops up a reminder that you can snooze or click 'take'. I set a time, it makes my text alert noise, and it keeps blinking my LED and has a toolbar icon until I acknowledge it.
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I use Pillboxie for iOS and it looks like they have an Android option. It keeps reminding you, and has an hour snooze function.
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Tell me more about the window?
If, for instance, you are prescribed to take it 3 times a day, would it work to go into Clock, and set 3 separate alarms at the start of each window?
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Look at for android and the free calendar app that goes with it.
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The "clock" app in my android phone has an alarm that does exactly that. I have an alarm set for 9:00 PM every day to remind me to take my pills.

When I first turn on my phone and sweep, it displays the time of day. If I tap that, it takes me to the clock app. Choices there are "timer", "alarms", "world clock", and "stopwatch".
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Life Reminder is great Android app that I think will work perfectly. When the reminder comes due you can dismiss it, set a snooze, or just leave the notification sitting there. It's tremendously customizable in terms of sound, vibration, etc. play store link
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I've used a recurring event in Google calendar to remind me to take medication. The notification behavior might be different depending on what version of Android you're using, but on my phone, I have to swipe away notifications to make them disappear.
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Are your pills in a bottle with a barcode? If so, the I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock should allow you to set up an alarm that can only be deactivated/snoozed after scanning that barcode. It's a normal alarm clock otherwise, so you can set recurring alarms for whenever you'd like.
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Another user of pillboxie here - I've not used the android version, but the ios version does just what you want.
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TickTick has a pop-up dialog when a reminder goes off that is still there as long as it needs to be (unless you dismiss/snooze it).
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Thirding Pillboxie!
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