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I am going to see a live performance of Welcome To Night Vale on Friday. I am only up to date to episode 24. I estimate I can listen to three episodes before the show on Friday night. Which three (3) episodes should I listen to?

Slight preference for important plot points, character introductions, the like so I can fully enjoy Friday's show, but if there's a particularly fantastic episode, feel free to mention it.
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I'm three episodes behind, but of those, probably First Date, Summer Reading Program (my favourite episode of the podcast), and Dana, or maybe The Missing (instead of Dana; requires Summer Reading Program). Possibly also the Auction instead of Dana.
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Buy the live episode "Condos" (available on their site) - probably my favorite one to date.
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OMG, great question. First of all, I have missed the past couple episodes. I'm up to episode 38 and they're currently up to Ep 41 I believe. But as far as I've heard... this is what I suggest:

Ok for the Carlos/Cecil arc, you should listen to Ep 25 - One Year Later and Ep 27 - First Date.

I feel like there's been a lot on the Faceless Old Woman lately, so listen to Ep 26 for an intro to her.

We find out some background on Cecil in Ep 33 - Cassette. That was cool to hear.

Intern Dana is on some adventures. Remember how she went missing in the dog park in Ep20 - Poetry Week? Well she's in Ep 30 - Dana, with more development in her story. There are supposedly also updates from her in Ep 41 - Walk, but I haven't listened to that one yet.

And Ep 34 - A Beautiful Dream - wasn't really crucial to any plot points, but was really gorgeous and interesting. Oh they're all great. Just power through! The WTNV live shows are really fun. I've been to two so far and can't wait for them to come back to NY for more!
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Agreed with silver statue re episodes 25 and 27 for catching up on the Cecil and Carlos arc. 25 also has a twist involving another ongoing character.

I didn't realize that the Faceless Old Woman isn't introduced until episode 26, but she's popped up a couple times since and is a mayoral candidate now, so 26 would be good too.

Episdode 33, Cassette, isn't super plot-crucial but may be my favorite episode to date; interesting back story about Cecil, and a surprisingly touching meditation on growing up and the purpose of "kids these days" rants.
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I'm all caught up (except for Condos), and I saw the show in San Diego last month. I'd recommend:

One Year Later
First Date
Summer Reading Program

Those four are not necessarily the best or my favorites, but they should introduce you to most of the stuff you'll need to know. If you can really only do 3, I'd skip one of the first two, but I wouldn't recommend it. The latter two are pretty crucial to the live episode you'll be seeing -- those should be your priority.
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I'm going to be at the same performance, so hope a related question is okay - how long are the live shows? We have sitter time to calculate.
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Robocop: The word on r/nightvale is 90-120 minutes duration.

I may know this because I will also be at the Boston show with Reptile, who needs to catch up and so thank you maryr for this question.
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FYI - I listened to "One Year Later" last night and while it's a sort of dull episode, it's a great plot summary. So if you aren't up to episode 25 yet, that's a good one to listen to. (And definitely skip the Memories of Europe one, I'm kinda mad I wasted my time listening to that one).

Neat to see a couple more of you going to Friday's show!
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