Android: Send picture to specific person quickly
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Is there a way in Android to choose a picture, and MMS to a person quickly? (Without choosing text, picking contact, pressing send?)

I find myself sending pictures via text to the same person routinely. Is there any way to do it quickly? Currently the workflow:
  1. Choose picture
  2. Click Share
  3. Tap message
  4. Type some of contacts name
  5. Tap contact
  6. Tap send
Ideally, I'd like one of the sharing options be "Send to PersonYouAlwaysSendTo" so that the workflow would simply be:
  1. Choose picture
  2. Click Share
  3. Tap "Send to PesronYouAlwaysSendTo"
Note: Using HTC One
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Is there a reason using the little paper-clip "attach" button in the text conversation doesn't work for you?

1. Open previous text convo
2. Click paper clip
3. Choose picture
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If you are willing to email instead, Email Me Free or Email Me Pro will let you add a share icon for that person with a pre-written email.
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if you use google hangout app on android and let it handle your SMS messages then when you choose a picture and click share, at the top of your screen will be the google hangout icon and you tap it and the people you shared with most recently or frequently will be RIGHT THERE. you tap the person (no starting to type their name or anything) and bam, shared. TADA
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