To do list that sends notifications when a task is marked complete
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I'd like to have a to-do list for application tasks that will send selected recipients email notifications each time I complete a task. Does such a thing exist? (Note: this is for personal use, and the intended recipients are aware of the idea and want to receive such notifications.)
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So to clarify, this is not a shared to-do list for everyone's tasks. It's a to-do list for just your tasks that will send an email when you mark a task completed -- yes?
posted by grobstein at 5:47 AM on February 25, 2014

Asana will do this. When you create a task, you can assign it one or more "followers," who receive notification when the task is updated or closed.
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it is not so much a TODO list as it is a collaboration tool, but would something like trello work?
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grobstein, that's correct. Specifically, I am working on med school applications, and I have a few people who are cheerleading me through the process and helping to keep me on track, but I'm the only one who has tasks to do.
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seconding Asana, it's great.
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For Asana, must the followers interact with the website or app, or can it be set up that they get emails only?
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Just tested it out ... if you input someone as a follower who isn't an Asana user, it sends them an invite. So they will at least have to click on a confirmation link one time. After that, they will receive emails from Asana.
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Another option is to use IFTTT along with a supported todo list site. For example, I see Toodledo is supported, and has a "task completed" trigger. It should be straightforward to hook this up to a "send email" action within IFTTT.
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I think this is the best solution for me! This way I don't have to ask my mom to sign up for a service; thanks vanar sena!

I keep forgetting about IFTTT—it's so useful.
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Toodledo + IFTTT is working like a charm. Yay!
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