What pieces of flair can I make for my new bag?
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I recently bought a simple black nylon tote, and I love it, but it could use some flair once in a while. Ideally I'd like to see what I can make from my thali of supplies. Whatever I make will hang from one of the bag's straps.

The thali contains 5-yard lengths of nylon cord in various colors, two 3-yard lengths of leather cord, 5-yard lengths of waxed linen, three different metallic colors of 8/0 seed beads, and 2 feet of crystal chain. I also have lobster clips that I could use to attach the whatever to the bag. I can buy supplemental supplies if the project is really great, but I'd rather try to work with what I have.

A tassel would be the obvious answer but I also wanted to see if crafty MeFites had other ideas. Ideally I would like something that doesn't look too friendship bracelety; I'm going more for playful-chic than boho.
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When I was younger a friend made me a very cute giraffe using metallic seed beads instead of the standard pony beads. It got transferred to my grown up bag when I was older, but sadly fell off at some point and got lost.

Because it was made of fine beads and not garishly colored it actually looked quite nice. I don't know if your particular tastes run toward small animal doodads, but mine do. Something I would consider with your materials.
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With those rhinestone things/cord/whatever else you've got, I think a chain hanging between the two handles (as opposed to a tassle hanging from one) would look classy. Similar to a collar chain.
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I love tying scarves to my bags to change it up
Like this
and this
Or use your supplies to make a brooch and pin up the scarf like this
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Not quite what you had in mind, but why not try plaiting some of those colourful cords around the handles where you carry it. Depending on your personal style it could look practical and sporting rather than boho.
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