Linux for Minecraft
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I'm reformatting a cheap 3yo Asus laptop as a dedicated low-end games (read: Minecraft) machine for my kids. What's the best flavour/distro of Linux I can install for this?
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Today that would probably be Ubuntu you want.
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What are the specs on that laptop? Minecraft looks low-end, but has surprisingly high system requirements for things to be playable.

Assuming it will actually do the job, Ubuntu is a perfectly fine option but far from the only one.
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Minecraft used to play on the laptop just fine under Windows, but the Windows install has become cruft-tastic and I'm not willing to pay for a new install disc.
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I did exactly this just last weekend for my son (16 y/o and also a Minecraft player). I made bootable "live" USB images of Ubuntu and Mint to try out. He preferred the look and feel of Mint (Mint 16 - Cinnamon) so we did a full install of that, but your mileage may vary.
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Is there a product key sticker on the case, for the Windows license it came with? You ought to be able to reinstall using the existing key. Buying a new install disc shouldn't be necessary.
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