Why is my kneecap tingling when I work out?
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Something is off with my knee and google is failing me. For a couple months now the inside of my right kneecap tingles in a fairly unpleasant way when I work out and specifically when I do scissor crunches. What is going on with my knee?

I feel silly posting this, but I've never had knee problems before and I haven't been able to find much of anything on google. The inside of me kneecap will start to tingle, sort of a cross between pins and needles and slightly feels like it's spasming. It never hurts, but it is an uncomfortable feeling that I very much want to stop once it starts. It happens somewhat randomly when I'm working out, but it always happens when I do scissor crunches sort of like this, but with my legs lowered more so that they are almost parallel to the ground.

I feel like it has gotten worse over time and I'm not sure whether it is indicative of something that could cause me real problems down road. I haven't gone to the doctor because it isn't actually causing me pain or any other issues. Anyone know what might be going on with my knee?
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See an Orthopedic sports medicine doc. I think it may involve your illotibial band but see a sports medicine doc or at least inquire about getting a possible physical therapy referral, but they likely need see you first. I'd probably skip a normal doc for this scenario.
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I get that too, and seconding the answer to go to a sports medicine doc. In my case, my kneecap offers up all sorts of not-painful but still highly unpleasant sensations while I'm doing various activities, because it doesn't track correctly. It's rubbing against the cartilage in there in a way it shouldn't.

The doc can give you several strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as exercises on a foam roller, to help stabilize it.

(I'm not saying this is your problem, but it sounds very familiar.)
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Also stop doing scissor crunches while you figure it out.
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