Seeking custom 2-button remote to navigate itunes forward/backward.
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For use with a Mac Mini. Wireless preferable but not essential.

Hi, everyone!

I am a junior exhibition designer with a problem.

An artist wants to embed a Mac Mini into the base of a pedestal. He wants to be able to control music tracks using simple two-button navigation (forward and backward) mounted into the side of the pedestal.

Is there a simple gizmo on the market that could do exactly this, and could withstand cosmetic modifications? (He wants the buttons to look like something from the 19th century).
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The little Mac remote? Just take it apart and build the buttons around the mechanism (or rewire it).
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Here's a project for making your own one-key input device. And here's someone who makes more ambitious controllers and shows you how.

Palette is something that recently got funded on Kickstarter. They're not actually shipping yet, but it would be just about ideal.
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In iTunes you can skip back and forth with the left and right arrow keys. You can use a USB keyboard encoder like the I-PAC ($35) or the MaKey MaKey ($50) to get left and right arrow keystrokes out of any contact you can come up with.
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I'd imagine that Better Touch Tool would be a handy app to map between your random input device's output and iTunes.

And the device that leaps most readily to mind is a logitech M510 mouse (with it's spare back and forward buttons on the side). It might well take a bit of physical fiddlery to get the buttons outside of the pedestal lined up to the microswitches inside. But it's reasonably cheap, wireless, reliable, and you should be able to pull it apart and rearrange the innards reasonably well.
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Thanks everyone. These are great suggestions.
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