Gag gifts from your uncle.
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I'm looking for examples of a category of novelty/gag gift that I'm having trouble articulating precisely. The best I can do is that it's the kind of kitsch that your uncle (Or Michael Scott/David Brent) would find hilarious.

Good examples: Those wind up penguins that poop out candy; those singing, wall-mounted fish; those liquor dispensers that have a guy peeing out the liquor.
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Are you looking for an online store? Johnston Smith Catalog still sells that kind of novelty stuff. As does Spencers Gifts. Archee Mcphee seems to be a popular one.
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I always give people punching nun puppets.
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The ubiquitous pooping dog/pig/cow keychain.

Staple of Hibachi grills everywhere, that peeing kid toy thing.
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Coffee mugs shaped like toilets.
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Are you looking to name this type of gag gift, or are you looking for more examples? If you're looking for examples, it helps to know something about the intended recipient. Some people are amused by crude sex jokes, while others prefer the ever-classy boxing nuns (thanks for the reminder, Ray Walston!)
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These are pretty much all alcohol-oriented, including silly bottle and can holders, but try Home Wet Bar.
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The remote controlled fart machine!
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Squirrel underpants.
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Cow pie candy.
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Sorry, I'm looking for more examples.

There is no specific intended recipient, nor am I asking for a source for these things.

The general direction of examples given so far is what I'm looking for.
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What On Earth has this kind of thing. My grandfather (who enjoyed his singing fish very much) got me a Pi plate with 3.14159etc written around the rim from there, so I got the catalog for a while. Boxers with "Fartacus" written in fakey-Roman font across the butt, quirky garden gnomes, "beer-o-clock" clocks, headbands that make it look like you have a mullet--a quick perusal of their online catalog should be rich fodder.
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Signage? We don't swim in your toilet, please don't pee in our pool

If you sprinkle when you tinkle
Be a sweetie
Wipe the seatie


Gas, grass, or ass -- nobody rides for free

If this van's a-rockin'
Don't come a-knockin'


Novelty voodoo dolls
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My "Uncle Charley" had this baby on his bar. Hilarious!

Long live the clown cacuts planter.
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I long to own the very NSFW UNT mug.

The same people will also sell you an awesome action figure of yourself.
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Damn Seagulls hats.
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Nunzilla is a windup nun that walks forward and shoots sparks from her mouth. A great crowd-pleaser.
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My elderly, former nun Art History advisor had this switchplate on her office lightswitch.
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Can of snakes? ("Mixed nuts")
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Souvenirs! Novelties! Party tricks!
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