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On Wednesdays Mr. Pterodactyl and I have date nights with dinner and a movie. We like to make some food and watch a movie that ties in to it in some way, however tenuous. Help us plan our future romantic engagements!

We need combinations of yummy food and enjoyable movies with some kind of relationship, even if it's sort of made up (for example, tapas and The Princess Bride because Inigo's Spanish). Last week we ate Ethopian food and watched The Lion King and this week we're going to watch The Sound of Music and eat fondue. What are other pairs that would work well?

Movie qualifications:
Pleasant and generally happy
Ideally at least a little funny
It doesn't have to be super romantic but it can be
Must be available to either through streaming Netflix or to rent off of Amazon instant video

Things that work well: Pixar stuff, musicals, anything with Muppets. Stuff like Pretty Woman or Audrey Hepburn movies would also be good.

Food qualifications:
No seafood (I have an allergy)
Ideally something we can make ourselves that is a little more special than regular weeknight food
Not too expensive but we are a bit flexible on this

Things that are good: Ethiopian food (beef tibs, sambusas, and injera), tapas, fondue -- these all involve some activity beyond just "regular" eating, like using the injera, dipping stuff in the fondue, selecting tapas

Any ideas that fit into this are welcome, we're just hoping for ideas that have a theme and allow us to eat something yummy and snuggle. Thank you so much for any combination food/movie suggestions you can make!
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Best answer: The Secret of Kells and a nice beef stew with soda bread for dipping.
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Best answer: Lady and the Tramp - Spaghetti and Meatballs (you can use your nose if you want so that it isn't "regular" eating)
Beauty and the Beast - Roast beef Beast (perhaps served with bell(e) peppers somehow?)
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Breakfast at Tiffany's - breakfast food and pastries

Roman Holiday - gelato

Amelie - creme brûlée
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Or what about watching The Notebook and then serving duck? (for when he takes her on the boat to the area where all the ducks are?)

The movie Twister and then eat steak and eggs.
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Best answer: The Princess and the Frog - gumbo and beignets
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I asked a similar question a few years back. There might be some ideas in there for you!
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OMG yes you need to make New Orleans food for Princess and the Frog!!! You can find Zatarain's mixes and Cafe du Monde beignet mix at most grocery stores, and definitely at World Market. The Jambalaya is probably the easiest.

This would also work for A Streetcar Named Desire, although that is a less fun movie.
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Tampopo and ramen.
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(Ah, crud, I thought Tampopo was streaming but it looks like it isn't right now. Sorry. Just the DVD from Netflix.)
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Best answer: Hazelnut soup for Tangled? Also apples. Something with apples.

Since seafood for The Little Mermaid is out, maybe try jerk chicken or something spicy and Caribbean-influenced instead?

Venezuelan/Latin-American food for Up? Empanadas (savory and sweet), plantains, polenta.

If you watch something from Studio Ghibli, ramen, or udon might be fun. Pastries for Kiki's Delivery Service, and ham for Ponyo, specifically, would be awesome!

Greek if you go My Big Fat Greek Wedding (obviously), but kebabs, Spanakopita, and tzatziki/hummus with pita chips would all be good. (Also would work for Hercules, keeping with the Disney theme.)
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Blazing Saddles and chili
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Best answer: I'm riffing off the Alamo Drafthouse Feast programs, which you need to check out if ever you're in Austin (or DC suburbs). I'm having a hard time finding a comprehensive list, these are a few I remember and a few I came up with.

Casablanca and a moroccan tagine and couscous with hummus, and pistachio ice cream.

Moonstruck and a big ole steak and pasta. The steak must be cooked in the presence of shouting, hand gesturing, and if possible, 3 cubic feet of hair.

Silence of the Lambs. Chianti (obvi) Lima beans, liver and onions maybe turn those lima beans into brunswick stew, a Virginia speciality, in honor of Quantico, VA's FBI training HQ? Or else go with a nice lamb chop.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and sushi. Avocado and imitation crab rolls would be more affordable than the $3k plane tickets you will want to buy after watching.

The Hobbit and like 7 different breakfasts.

The Great Gatsby, a "West Egg" salad sandwich and gin.

Lawrence of Arabia and Fattoush.
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"Local Hero" and "Casserole de Lapin".
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You might like to get this cookbook--it's basically an archive of TBS's old program "Dinner and a Movie," which sounds remarkably like your date night plans.
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Best answer: Mulan and Chinese food, esp. dumplings :)
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Best answer: Frozen and swedish meatballs

A Cat in Paris and something french

Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Chicago dogs/Italian beef/deep dish pizza and popcorn

Little Shop of Horrors and bulgogi (leaves wrapped around meat like they're consuming it)

Real Genius and some sort of cooking that involves science (I mean, all cooking does, but something from Modernist Cuisine or similar)

Major League and...what kind of food do they have in Cleveland?
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Best answer: When Harry Met Sally and Paprikash
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Romantics Anonymous and chocolate

Today's Special and Tandoori food

Both are light-hearted romantic movies that just happen to have food themes (and both streaming on Netflix right now)
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Master and Commander and hard tack. OK, that's not very romantic... Spotted Dog? And make sure you trouble each other for the salt.
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Best answer: The Fifth Element and oven-roasted chicken (goood). And maybe a dessert involving cherries.
Strictly Ballroom and paella (here is a non-seafood recipe)
The Mask of Zorro and your favorite southwestern/Mexican food
Muppet Treasure Island with Caribbean pineapple fried rice, pork chops (sorry Miss Piggy) and ginger beer
Love Actually with English/British Christmas dinner recipes (and maybe some PBR or Schlitz for the Wisconsin scenes)
Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh or Joss Whedon version) with Italian wedding soup and bruschetta (and WINE!)
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Lilo and Stitch and either peanut butter or tuna sandwiches, depending on how abominable you feel.

Ratatouille and, well, ratatouille (or rather, confit byaldi) with linguini.

This slideshow from Serious Eats has more suggestions, including some proposed above.
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dlugoczaj beat me to it. "Dinner and a movie" was fun when I was younger and not even making the food. You could probably even download some old episodes and make it a thing!

If you're not aware, the show was a movie where the hosts started it out with basic instructions and ingredients, interrupted periodically to give you instructions on the food you would be preparing at the same time. And they talk about the movie too. I always thought it was charming.
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Best answer: I am not sure exactly what a "raw chopped beef sandwich is" but they eat it in The Thin Man, which is an excellent movie. They also drink a lot, mostly Scotch I think.
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In light of Harold Ramis's passing, I think it'd be appropriate to watch Ghostbusters. There's a scene where they eat Chinese food (which represents the last of the petty cash). Not sure if anyone can come up with a better food representation.
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Wow, my wife and I do the exact same thing. It's even on Wednesday nights! Except for the part about the movie being happy or romantic. Mostly we try to match the wine's country of origin with the movie theme. I'll have to come back as I remember some specifics, but the oddest one that stands out was watching Super Size Me and eating McDonalds.
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On a similar Harold Ramis kick, how about Groundhog Day with multiple variations on the same dish? Maybe waffles?
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Has seriously no-one suggested Chocolat and Chocolate??

First time I watched this movie was at my parents' house before christmas a while back. My ma paused it halfway through and said "I just remembered I have some gourmet organic chocolates in the cupboard". We, her guests, furiously salivating because of this toothsome movie, nearly wept openly in relief.
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Not sure if anyone can come up with a better food representation.

Ghostbusters obviously needs something with marshmallows. If you can make s'mores in your home (do you have a fireplace?), that would be ideal.
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Best answer: Pulp Fiction may be happy, depending on your taste. Combine with a burger and a milkshake.

Get Him to the Greek: Gyros.

Super Troopers: Pancakes.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Escargot, baguettes, mussels

Bernie: Ribs.

Butter: Butter Cookies, bread & butter, pound cake

Chasing Amy: Coffee, cigarettes, diner food

American Wedding: Pie

Love Actually: tea and biscuits, banoffee pie
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Response by poster: Thank you for these ideas! I marked the ones that work for us but they are all good and much appreciated.
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