Crock-pot-stew-themed apology puns sought
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Yesterday my husband spent a lot of time assembling a slow-cooker stew for us to eat for dinner a few nights this week. He was about to put it in the fridge last night when I stopped him and said that it was still pretty hot, so I'll put it in the fridge before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning.....counter....crockpot.....oooooooh no. Help me apologize with some terrible puns?

I've apologized but would like to do a better job. He is a man who loves puns. Usually I'm the one laughing instead of doing the punning. Any suggestions would be welcome!

All I've got so far is, "This may sound like a crock, but I hope you haven't been stewing over this all day". Eh. I'm sure someone else could do better!
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....I'm not entirely sure what you're apologizing for. Can you clarify?
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I think she is apologizing for leaving the cooked slow cooked meal out on the counter all night instead of putting it away in the fridge.
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....I'm not entirely sure what you're apologizing for

I'm guessing for leaving the crockpot out all night rather than putting in the fridge as per promise.
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I will roux the day I left the stew out.

I'm sorry I was so stew-pid.
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Hi, sorry not to be clear. Yes, I first prevented him from putting it in the fridge and then failed to do so myself.
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One vote for "I'm sorry I was so stew-pid". That made me laugh out loud.

If you can't come up with a good pun feel free to resort to excessive formality. That is usually the route I go and it has always been well received. Occasionally I get an excessively formal response, which is always fun! :)

Mr. chocotaco,
I regret to inform you that our staff failed to refrigerate the stew last night, thus rendering it inedible. Please accept this apology and know that we have made amendments to our "Adequate Crock Pot Refrigeration Policy" to ensure such oversights not happen again. Compensation for your inconvenience shall be made in the form of [insert the name of his favourite take-out pizza place].

If you have any further questions please direct them to our complaints department.

- chocotaco

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I has-stew apologize, dear heart, for my chilling failure to live up to my fridgy duties. I have been in a slow stew over this! Please don't give in to your understandable desire to roast me. I hope you will be-stew your forgiveness!
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Braise yourself for some bad news...
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Thanks, all! I did a mash-up of everyone's ideas and credited Metafilter. I think he'll get a kick out of it. (Although, you know, all comers welcomed with regard to stew-related puns. Keep them coming!).
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