Looking for a Pisces astrology related birthday gift for 30$
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I'm looking for a birthday present around 30$ (Maybe more?) for a dear astrology-nut friend. I like the idea of an iphone cover / water color print but there's just so much on etsy/zazzle that I find a little tacky and I'm not sure about the quality. Can you reccomend a particular etsy seller/ website? I'm also open to a good/fun book (I know she loves the astrology twins). She's in her mid-twenties and also likes yoga, painting, dancing, and decorating her cute apartment. Thanks!!
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MC Escher has several fish pictures that might work for you/be transferable to an i-phone cover.
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If she's not read it, Sextrology (despite its faddish, pop astrology sounding name) is absolutely amazing. It's much deeper and more intelligent than many of the common astrology books and if your friend is not already familiar with it she should love it. The authors have an understanding of astrology that is unusual even amoung astrology writers.

And you're right, all the stuff on Etsy is way too cutesy and cheesy looking. I can never find astrology paraphernalia that's not.
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A website I LOVE for astrology stuff is mysticmedusa.com. (And I'm a Pisces too, so it gets the stamp of approval from a fellow Fish.) She offers yearly subscriptions (for daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes) that should be about in your price range. I'm not sure how she handles gifting those subscriptions, though. And I'm usually really skeptical about horoscopes, by the way; hers are really quite good and actually insightful.

If you go for something more art-based, might I suggest veering away from astrology glyphs and aim for something more symbolic? ie, anything depicting two fish, or a watery scene. (But please, no mermaids.) Surrealist stuff is also usually a good bet, or black & white photography.
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Just for fun, I found a couple of things on Etsy for you:

Pisces Vintage Ring

Pisces Necklace I think the colors are especially good for pisces.
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Oh, and this looks like fun. It's a pisces natural solid perfume inside of a pisces lockett.
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Scratch Nails offers zodiac-themed manicure strips. Each sign's kit comes with a nice little ring inspired by that sign.

(I used to subscribe to their monthly mani box and am a HUGE fan of nails strips/manicure decals/whatever you call them).
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