Chinese podcasts to listen to on the way to school
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I'm currently studying Chinese in Beijing and I'm looking for podcasts or audio recordings to help me learn more. Do you know of any good Chinese language podcasts that can help me study?

I have about a 45 minute commute on the way to and from my university (Peking University/Beida) where I would like to be studying Chinese. I love listening to podcasts like 99% Invisible and On The Grid, but those are all in English.

I'm in a program where I can only speak Chinese during the weekdays and I've found that after listening to an English language podcast for an hour, it becomes much harder to stay in Chinese mode at school.

I'm looking for free podcasts that are meant for the beginner and intermediate level. They can just be in Chinese, or they can be geared towards actually learning the language.

I've taken a look at Chinese Pod, but I've been having trouble accessing their content. Also, they only offer a few episodes for free and I'm not willing to pay for something I'm sure exists on the internet.
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Popup Chinese is goofy and very listenable, but they have a weekly episode in English, so best to skip that one.

Serge Melnyk is awesome! The Russian accent is the best - "Hello, dear listeners!" - and he gives you a lot of vocabulary.

I swear by these two.
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