OSX Calendar client for Google Calendars
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iCal just doesn't do what I need. The Google calendar interface doesn't either. Halp!

We used Google Calendars at work. I sync that with iCal mostly for notifications. gCal is useless for notifications because they're in a browser, and you need to know to be looking at that tab.

iCal isn't a good solution because it doesn't have a feature to cancel a proposed edit. So even if I use it for notifications only, if I accidentally drag or otherwise modify an event, I'm stuck with being required to notify all the participants of an edit I'd rather just cancel. This previous question mentions BusyCal, which is in the list linked below. But at a glance, it doesn't look like much of an improvement over iCal.

This list of calendar apps is interesting. TimeWorks seems like the right solution for me, though surrendering more screen space to organizational overhead sets off panic buttons. I already lose a good chunk of the screen to multi-time-zone clocks and TODO lists.

This may be a case of needing to accept I'm a full time manager now, and don't do any dev work, and my screen space really *is* only for organizational overhead.

Really all I want is a notification client for gCal, though having a native app to look at events in is preferable to gCal most of the time. But the can't-throw-away-edits thing in iCal is a deal-breaker.

What works for you?
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Since you're already using Google Calendar, presumably you know that you can set reminders for events by email or SMS? If you've got a smartphone, you can also get it to remind you through that.
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I don't know if BusyCal does fix the edits issue you're talking about, but it is really powerful, has a free trial and is well worth testing.
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Thanks. BusyCal seems to be what I'm looking for. While it doesn't have a "cancel changes" option, it at least has an option to notify or not notify (unlike iCal which is either notify or edit).

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Not sure about on a Mac - but on Windows, using the Chrome browser, I can keep gCal open in a tab and Chrome will intercept the gCal notifications and create system-level popups that are visible no matter what program I'm working in. Same for gmail too.

If this is possible for Chrome on a Mac, perhaps just use Chrome as your gCal app if you prefer to stick with another browser for other things.
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