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I will be traveling in India for an extended time and then to a few countries in Southeast Asia. I am in search of a large (32"+), waterproof, duffel bag with wheels. I would like to spend $150 max on it. Please lead me to your favorites.
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I don't have the duffle, but LL Bean's extra large rolling duffle is the size you indicated and I have been thrilled with my luggage from them so far. It does say "water resistant" but my carry-on suitcase got rolled through a parking lot in a rainstorm and was fine, I think it basically just means "don't actually throw this in the lake".
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My kids and I have the LL Bean rolling duffle in Medium. We've been really happy with them after a couple of years' use and many trips.

Add some packers, from LL Bean or elsewhere, and it's a terrific travel system. The packers let you keep everything organized within the duffle. They're easy to pull out to get what you need, and then pop right back into the duffle.
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Funny - I clicked to say that we've owned two LL Bean rolling duffle bags since 2006. They've carried our stuff to Australia and back, and we've been pretty happy with them.
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