Pony cart terminology & part help!
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We have a pony cart, and are trying to replace the wheels (from 20" to 26"). Can anyone help with part identification and / or suggest next steps?

We have a collapsible pony cart (you can take it apart and fit it in the back of the car) which we are trying to modify for a steampunk thing. (thus, my lack of pony cart knowledge!)

We purchased new wheels (G&S Carts) that are 26" instead of 20", to raise the cart up. However, the hub of the wheel is 4.5" wide, vs the 3.25" wide that the 20" wheels were. Since the cart is collapsible, there is a piece of metal that inserts through the hub of the wheels, into the metal axle(?) on the bottom of the cart, and then a cotter pin goes through the hole in the top of the metal axle, through the hole in the pin, and then back out the bottom of the metal axle, keeping the wheel attached to the cart.

Since the hub of the new wheel is wider, the holes in the pin and axle no longer match up.

Ideally, I'd like to leave the hole in the axle where it is, not drill through more metal, because I'm afraid that drilling through the metal closer to the edge will create instability.

This is the piece that I need a replacement for (two of them, actually) - any idea what it is called and where I could get it? (It's 5/8", if that helps) You can see the hole on the right side of the pin.

I've tried calling the place that built the cart, according to the info on it (we purchased secondhand), but they have no web presence and did not answer. We asked the people where we purchased the wheels, but they use different parts on their carts.

I'm open to other suggestions of solving the problem, too.
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Take that piece to Tractor Supply, a good hardware store, and as last resort a bike shop that works with bike carts and travel bikes.

You should be able to find another.

Also, make sure the cart is still balanced with the new wheel size. For the pony.
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Thole pin.
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If you want to page through parts yourself, try these McMaster-Carr links:

Clevis pins (which yours resembles):

Pins (link to top level of this category):
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Mosk - that's brilliant. It does look like a clevis pin. Thank you!

Lesser Shrew - the closest tractor supply is an hour, at least, I think. I'll add it to the list before we start drilling metal.
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