Canadian GST/HST error
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From about 2008 to 2012, I was self employed as a private tutor in Canada. My income ranged from about 25k - 40k. During that time, I didn't collect GST/HST from my students because I didn't realize I was required to. I received a letter on Friday from Canada Revenue saying that I've been registered for an HST number and asking to submit GST/HST for 2010-2011. I'm a bit scared now, and wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what the penalties might be? I plan to talk to an accountant in the next week, but I'm just hoping to get an idea of what I might be in for.
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You need to talk to an accountant. CRA says these are the HST/GST penalties. But a good accountant can probably create a bit of an amnesty for you or find some other way, with any luck.
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See this link about whether or not you even were required to charge HST:
Check this useful page out also.
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Before you go through the expense of an accountant, contact CRA (there should be contact info on the letter you received), they can probably set you straight with a phone call.
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