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Where can I find this style of hoodie but made to fit a woman? Bonus points for petite size type. There's no way I can pick it up from a brick and mortar store, so it'd have to be a company that ships internationally.
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Best answer: I buy a whole lot of things from TheLees, and they're so small that my extremely skinny self has to get XL in almost everything (I run S-M in men's stuff here in the states). So if you like that, just go with the sizing they have for Korea, and you should be all set. Honestly, they're teeny weeny. You can buy them from Amazon, and they take returns with no problem.
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The North Face has a similar line of hoodies.
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Best answer: Seconding xingcat. They're men's shirts but they fit me great. I wear a women's medium normally and I get those in US M, Korean L for the most part and they fit fine.

If I wasn't so tall I'd just buy medium but the larger sizes are mostly just longer imho.
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here's a similar one
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Another similar one
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Tinydeal also has one.

Price seems a little lower, and free shipping with no minimum order too. (Fewer colours, though)
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Produced by Monde, available via a slow boat from China for half as much money.

The sizes run very very small and seem fairly unisex.

Zipper Hoodie
hoodie sweatshirt
hoodie jacket
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