Where can I take an online linear algebra course this summer?
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I have $800 for tuition reimbursement, and would like to take a linear algebra online course this summer. It doesn't matter if its for credit or not. Thanks!
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The Teaching Company's well reviewed course costs about 10% of your budget -- maybe you could use some of the rest for books?
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MIT's OpenCourseWare has materials for their Linear Algebra class, including video lectures. Gilbert Strang is a teaching master -- highly recommended. (Either as your entire course, or as a supplement.)
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I've looked at a couple session and they seemed quite good.
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University of Illinois Urbana seems to have an online linear algebra course. available self-paced not semester-based.

University of Illinois Springfield also has an online linear algebra course, but I don't know if it's available during the summer. They don't seem to have their summer schedule up yet and they didn't offer one online as near as I could tell in Summer 2013.
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Does it definitely have to be "online" or just distance learning OK? LSU has a for-credit print-based course (MATH 2085 - Linear Algebra) for $505.
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