100% cotton underWHERE?
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Gap Body has discontinued my favorite underwear that I have worn for years. Please help find me a suitable replacement.

The Gap Body underwear that is no longer for sale was:
-100% cotton
-string-bikini cut
-exceptionally well-fitting on a very small, thin girl who nevertheless has considerable buttflesh (think size extra small, but with ample butt.)

The Gap Body underwear replaced, about 7 years ago, Victoria's Secret underwear that was once 100% cotton and then ceased being 100% cotton, and also got skimpier in the rear. Now, Gap Body has eliminated their 100% cotton underwear, and what they are calling "cotton" is 90-something percent, which will not work for me, because I hate it. Why did they do this to me?! What heathens have ruined my life!?

I digress. What I want to know is this: Who else makes 100% cotton underwear in a string bikini style that, even in tiny sizes, has room for a butt? Prefer well-made underwear in a very soft cotton; I know I can go to Duane Reade and get 100% Hanes but I've done that in an underwear emergency before and they were not so soft and there was not enough butt room.

Money is not that much of a concern. Obviously I don't want to spend 500 dollars on a single pair of underwear, but. Butt.
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Have you tried the Jockey Elance string bikinis?
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Check Cosabella. If there's a style you like it will be pretty easy to find in NYC. I no longer have the money or ass for them, but when I did I lived in various cotton styles.
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Try Jockey.
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Thirding Jockey, which you can get at places like Macy's.
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Fourthing Jockey Elance. Love love love.
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Hanro for a more upscale version
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Ordered a pack of the jockey elance to test them. At a glance, they seem a little... chunkier looking than I was hoping for, if that makes sense? The Gap ones (RIP) were a bit more graceful-looking and skimpier on the sides.

Hanro looks nice but they don't have string bikini style. Also wasn't able to find cosabella in string bikini that was also 100% cotton.
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FWIW a similarly distraught friend emailed Gap about them today and they said, "There is very strong demand to bring them back." You might try emailing as well. Fingers crossed for y'all.
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I miss the Gap plain black underwear too. Why did they have to ruin such a good thing? I can't imagine they weren't selling well.

I don't like the Elance ones for the same reason - the seams are especially thick.

I ended up buying a bunch of these Nordstrom cotton bikinis. They're not string bikini style, but they fit well and aren't as chunky as the Jockey ones.
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