What was this folk radio show I heard?
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About a month ago we were driving through Connecticut and wound up listening to a folk radio show which I really enjoyed. I want to listen again, or find something similar.

I believe the show was on a New Haven station, on a Saturday, early evening. The show was pretty basic--the host would introduce the songs, maybe give some biological background, and then play the music. This was older folk, including traditional songs from Ireland and Scotland.

This isn't something I've had a lot in my life lately, but I really liked it. Recommendations for other folk shows that stream online or that have podcasts, especially, would be welcome, too.
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You might like some of the shows available streaming from DC-based WAMU's Bluegrass Country, on Saturday nights, when the station goes in what they call a "roots and branches" direction: The Well Below the Valley and The Thistle and Shamrock both feature Celtic music, while Traditions with Mary Cliff is a little broader but a very nice mix of different folk/traditional genres.
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WPKN is the first station that came to mind for me. This list of folk radio shows in the area as of December 2013 lists one on a Saturday night that you might have caught.
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Mountain Stage is an NPR show that plays a huge range of traditional music.

My local wonderful WEMU.org has the Roots Music Project on Saturdays and it also streams.
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Thistle & Shamrock?
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You might want to poke around on publicradiofan.com's list of folk music programs and see if any of them sound familiar; it sounds like the sort of thing that would be on a local public radio station.
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Thistle & Shamrock was my first thought as well. But it also could have been WAMC's Hudson River Sampler.
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The New Haven area stations that would play that would be either WPKN or WNHU from West Haven. WNHU has a TERRIBLE WEBSITE so you'd have to either contact them on Facebook or e-mail them. (Either way, there was a chance, given that it was a Saturday night, that it was a live broadcast from a local event or festival; they both do that with some frequency.)
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Thanks all! It wasn't T&S, I know that one. I think cobaltnine's suggestion of WHNU sounds most plausible. Looking forward to folkin' out to all of these!
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WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour might be a show you would find interesting. Check out the archive.
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You might want to check out Radio Heartland, a Minnesota Public Radio stream. It has a few scheduled shows like American Routes & Mountain Stage. The rest of the time it streams "roots and acoustic" music. The only locally-hosted show is on weekday morning.
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See also Simply Folk, which is produced by Wisconsin Public Radio.
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