Painting the inside of glass that will have liquid in it
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Is there any way to paint or otherwise color the inside of a glass spray bottle that will have liquid (perfume) in it?
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Is there a reason you want to paint the inside rather than the outside? I would think that perfume would act as a solvent after not too much time, and there are lots of transparent glass paint options that could go on the outside of a perfume bottle.
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There are two options, and it depends on how much effort and expense you want. The easy option is craft store enamel glass paint. You'll often need to heat set it (bake in an oven), but it then becomes fairly permanent.

The second is you seek out a space that has a kiln and use glass pigment powder and kiln anneal your paint. Then it becomes part of the glass.
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You might be able to achieve very similar visual effects with less effort by filling the bottle with colored glass beads, sized so as not to clog the spray tube and pierced for the sake of greater perfume volume.
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I will confirm that perfume will act as a solvent even on the outside of commercial bottles, so I would think it would require something special to treat the inside.
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