Heavy metalish drummer ecstasies?
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For something I'm writing: what two or three songs would a drummer drum to who's in his early 20's and is into classic heavy metal and lives in his parents' basement (and in his own imaginative grandiose world)? so, songs with memorable drum parts or drum solos or just very cool/classic songs? that this isolated young man could play over and over and feel great about himself at those (and no other) times?
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philip-random recently linked Golden Earring's "Radar Love" with 1000 drummers. The song, even in its original version, checks for being a memorable drum part, classic rock, and a muscular workout.
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Maybe "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. Song has a lot of swagger and is Rush is pretty grandiose and Neil Peart is a hero drummer.
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Kinetic 3, Dummer Who Lives in the Basement Says...

The gold standards drum breaks (and drum-heavy bands) are:

Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" has a serious drum break. Almost ANY Van Halen.

Led Zepplin, "When the Levee Breaks." Really any John Bonham.

Any Keith Moon and The Who (not metal but the man is a capital-D Drummer).

Nick Mason....Pink Floyd.

Dave Grohl: Nirvana (My kid says "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was really easy to learn and he felt like a badass the first time he nailed it within an hour of learning it.

More metal:

Avenged Sevenfold.
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For classic/proto metal, it's got to be Motorhead's "Overkill". Double bass drumming throughout, which was relatively rare at that time, and the song itself is less blues than a lot of what Motorhead was doing at the time, so it sounds exactly like a bunch of speed-and-liquor types playing fast, loud metal.
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Innagadadavida by Iron butterfly. I recognise that solo anytime and its about 5 minutes long.
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I dunno if this is true, but on Archer they joked about Krieger's drumset, and his many attempts and failures to play YYZ by Rush.

I gave it a listen but honestly I don't know anything about music. I also first thought of inna gadda da vida but it seems like quite a simple tune on wikipedia.

I've heard from drummer friends that the guy who plays for TOOL is something of a legend in the field. That would be a pretty iconic band for a tormented 20 something aspiring heavy metal drummer, as well. Off the top of my head, their song off Lateralus, "Ticks and leeches" (sp) has some fantastically technical drum bits.
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Maybe some Cream? We're Going Wrong, NSU, Politician, etc.

Or maybe Mountain? Mississippi Queen, Dreams of Milk & Honey, etc.
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If this is mean't for a movie, then speaking for the average schmoe, I would most likely feel what you're trying to get across with the Rush recommendations above.
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When I read this question, I immediately thought of Slayer - Raining Blood.
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I live with two drummers, one of whom fit that description a couple of decades ago and one who probably will in another decade. The 45-year-old likes Rush. YYZ, 2112 Overture, The Spirit of Radio are some of the ones I hear repeated incessantly. The 11-year-old is into Dream Theater, and recommends Panic Attack, On The Backs Of Angels, and Dark Eternal Night.
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Does late 80s Metallica count as classic heavy metal? If so, I'd say Metallica's One. As a former metal drummer, I would have been proud of mastering that double-bass sextuplet part.
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These are great. Actually it's for a psychology self-help book I'm writing.
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Nthing The Spirit of Radio. (This clip is Nick from Freaks and Geeks, and he has a 29 piece kit.)
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To piggyback on what hobo gitano de querataro said, the song "46 & 2" by Tool has a drum solo that many aspiring hard rock drummers have been trying to master for years.

Here is a clip.
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John Bonham was my first thought. Just about any Zeppelin will work, as noted above, but Moby Dick specifically features a long drum solo.
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Let's bolster your subtext a bit. No self respecting metalhead is going to freely admit it, but they (we) all play the kick-in drum fill toward the end of In the Air Tonight.
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Def Leppard!
Rocket (The album version has an extended drum part in the middle)
Rock of Ages
Pour Some Sugar On Me

And a couple from Nirvana:
Drain You

And Motley Crue:
Kickstart My Heart
Shout At The Devil

Also, Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row
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Thirding Rush's YYZ. This video is from 2006, and represents an early example of "machinima", computerized ("machine") animation -- the drum score was programmed into a computer, and it then rendered the resulting drummer actions.

This stupid thing pops into my head at least once a day, and I haven't really cared for Rush since the 80s.

Polyrhythms, weird time signatures, all the proggy wankery that those guys go for!
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One by Metallica was the one that first jumped to me.

Depends how metal you mean, alot of what's been suggested I wouldn't consider metal at all.

I also thought of Angel of Death - Slayer, or Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden.
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Fun fact, the da-di-dah-dah da-di-dah-dah da-da-di-di part of YYZ is the morse code broadcast of the airport identifier for the Toronto airport.
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I can’t imagine a better candidate than "Tom Sawyer" for what you describe, and I am by no means a Rush fan.
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Nthing 'One' by Metallica.
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I'd throw Black Sabbath's War Pigs into the mix. Bill Ward fills aplenty.

I will also take any opportunity to link to that live version because holy shit.
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"Hell Awaits" by Slayer -- the double bass intro is magnificent. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica is pretty easy.
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