converting movies into flash
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I want to turn movies into flash files.

I have a series of small, instructional videos that require different and varying codecs to play. I want to export them to flash files. I can use virtuadub to save the video into individual frames and save the sound into mp3, but I can't find something that will reassemble them into a .swf.

I have used debugmode's wink to do similar things with screenshots, and I know I can paste individual frames into a wink presentation, but I'm not doing the copy/paste routine for 4 minutes worth of video. Suggestions?
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Best answer: Sorenson Squeeze will do what you need.
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Best answer: Convert them into FLV with the free Riva FLV Encoder. You can then use a FLV player (a swf file) such as Riva's or any other to play them.
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Best answer: If you actually have or have access to Macromedia Flash MX (or whatever the earlier/later ones are called) you can just select import to stage, clicky video and select begin and end points. That's how I achieved the magical dreamlike effect of ugotnegams, anyway.
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Response by poster: Holy crap, moift. I never knew that could be done.
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do not google "ugotnegams".
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Or do not click moift's homepage link in his profile.
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Dude, seriously, don't. And NSFW is officially a much to tame descriptor. NSFAAA, more like it.
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Response by poster: my eyes!
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FLVs are great, but I never found a good FLV->SWF player which didn't require Flash. Flash is overpriced, but a lot of people want to convert and show videos on their sites. I found a free one which has no controls or location bar on flvplayer.. but all the nice looking ones demand Flash. Anyone know of any FLV players which are already in SWF with nice controls/nice clean skin? Free or paid, doesn't matter.
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I just mentioned it because boo_radley is/was a sometime #mefite and I figured he'd know the drill and no one else would really care. Sorry for the splash damage. :]
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Wackybrit: I've experimented with several flashplayers to play flv on my weblog, and the one I liked best was Jeroen Wijering's one. Of course, it is very basic. But it is smooth.

Integrating it in my weblog was another story, though.
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Wow, I like it ljsbrand! I found this one called Wimpy last nice which looks professional (but costs), but that more simplistic one might do the job.. thanks :)
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