What is this blanket pattern?
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Crochet-filter: I love the pattern of this baby blanket: link 1 , link 2, and would very much like to make a sofa throw size of this. I've looked on Revelry and cannot find the pattern.

Also, I'm a relatively new crocheter, and am not fluent in patternese. So a more basic explanation or a video would be even better.
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....You're sure that's crochet? Forgive my doubt, but that looks a bit more like knitting to my eyes....
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Best answer: I think every afghan my granny ever crocheted was in that stitch pattern. It looks very similar to Sideway Shell Baby Afghan without as thick an edging as a lot of the examples use. It might be using a ch-3 instead of a ch-2 as the pattern suggests, though.

(And yeah, totally crochet.)
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Response by poster: Thank you! I think I even may have looked at this one, but the photos at the top weren't sufficiently detailed. Now I just have to decipher what this pattern says to do.
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Best answer: Looking it over again, I'm pretty sure it's a slanted shell stitch with 3 double crochet stitches, not two: try this pattern (has chart and video tutorial, too!)
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Best answer: Here's another similar one: Build-a-shell afghan
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