Clever or fun name for a women's after work social bike ride?
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The bike and walk non-profit I volunteer with is teaming up with a local bike shop, the women in business group and a wellness center for a monthly bike Thursday night bike ride starting in May. We are looking for a name for it that will seem fun, because it is fun and just get people, esp women out for a social ride. The ride is an easy 10 mile loop, mostly on trails and ends with dinner at different local restaurants. Any ideas really appreciated. It's not just for women, but the goal is to get more women riding just for fun and in town. Not really a lycra ride. Any ideas for names very welcome!
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Cascade Bike Club has a series called SLOW - Senior Ladies on Wheels. You could work in a different value of "S".
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Ladies of the Loop and Wheel-about Women (or Women's Wheel-about) came to mind. Around here, there are the Pedal Queens, and while they have their own domain, I don't think they'd mind sharing the name.
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This is making me think of Ladies who Lunch, so....

Ladies who Bike

Ladies who Bike, then Dine

Saddle Bags (ha ha)

Ladies & Gents who came and wents (by bike)

Bikers Monthly

For a Loop Biker's Group
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Chicago has a similar version of this called Critical Lass.
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Belle on Wheels
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The ladies group that I ride with is called Women on Wheels (WOW).
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Get in the Loop

The Mobile Gourmets: Getting There is Half the Fun
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It's worth noting that Chicago has a big bike ride called "Critical Mass," so "Critical Lass" is a cute take on an existing name. I think it works OK even without that mental connection, but that part is what makes the name seem especially clever to me. Any other local events you can play off?

Hmm, what else? Spoke Sisters? Gear Girls? Handlebar...hussies? These don't really feel as inclusive and are getting increasingly tongue-in-cheek. Depends where you want to balance especially drawing in women in particular with drawing in only women.

"Chain Restaurant Club"? What about "Tread and Bread"?
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Pedal Grub Club
Let Them Ride Bike (and Eat Cake)
Wheelies and Mealies
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The Menstrual Cycle!

Sorry, it's the first thing that came to mind.
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