What to do in Boston this weekend?
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What's fun to do in Boston this weekend? I'm familiar with the city and have done all the usual stuff, but haven't been in a year. What great new restaurants and bakeries have opened? What are the must-see museum exhibitions? Are there are any cool events happening in the next two days -- particularly anything quirky, offbeat, playful?
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Donuts! Check out Union Square donuts. (Also in Union Square is the cool new restaurant Bronwyn). The other place to check out donuts right now is from Chef Cmar who's doing a pop-up event at Barbara Lynch's The Butcher Shop. It's called Stacked Donuts and it's happening for the next few weekends starting 9amish until they run out.

And here's a list of some things happening this weekend.
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Had a quick peek at your past questions & it seems you have a small child? I think this all-ages show Boston Rock-n-Romp on Sunday at noon might be right up your alley!
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Seconding Union Square Donuts. They are SO GOOD.
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Hand-pulled Chinese noodles in Chinatown.

(Whoops, never mind, closed weekends)
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Mr. Kitty and I got great recommendations for Menton while we were in Boston this fall. We were pretty impressed.

Also - here was my question a few months ago with some great recommendations for restaurants.

We ended up going to Bondir in Cambridge and were very impressed with the food there.

Enjoy your trip!
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It might be a little far if you're not driving, but Pop Bumpers Pinball, a new pinball arcade, just opened in Weymouth last weekend. They feature mostly 60's/70's electromechanical games. Looks like extended hours continue this weekend (11am - 7pm, but maybe call first in case they're planning to start regular hours).
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It's last minute at this point, but Lea Delaria (Big Boo from Orange is the New Black) is performing tonight at 8 Scullers Jazz Club!
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