Is there any reputable car rental to be found in Cancun?
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I'm flying into Cancun in the next few days, and since I'll be travelling south from there, I'm interested in a rental car. Please help me not get ripped off.

However, when I search for reputable companies, I cannot find any at all! Every single place I can think of to rent from has terrible ratings - mainly from quoting people rates that exclude mandatory insurance (and most of the time, this Primary Liability Insurance doesn't even have rates available on the website!).

The primary problem is that, even if you find someone willing to sell you *liability* insurance in Mexico outside of the rental agency, some agencies reportedly will not let you leave the lot unless you purchase their PLI.

The absolute last thing I want to happen is for my car budget to double when I arrive, and while I'm helpless to do anything about it. Does anyone have any good car rental stores in the coastal Yucatan?
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We used Hertz. Still check the car out but it was okay. A bit of of cluster fuck to get the car, but as a group we rented 3 and it was fine.
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We picked up a car from Alamo in Cancun and dropped it off at the border of Belize. We were handled fairly, no surprise charges.
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Oh, and I'm pretty sure we reserved our rental through weeks in advance. Nothing was really added on when we picked up the car, although we did receive the usual car rental upsell tactics.
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