Parent-facing Strollers For Toddlers
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My one year old (tomorrow!) hates sitting in her stroller, but loves shopping carts. I think this is because she gets to face me in a shopping cart and we "chat" as we go about our business. I'd like to find a stroller that has this same seating position, but most of what I've found that is parent-facing is either for small infants or quite expensive. While I'm not adverse to buying a moderately expensive stroller, something like the Stokke Xplory (which is pretty ideal!) is a little pricey for my taste at near $1,000. She's too big for a travel system. Help!
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UppaBaby Cruz has a reversible seat and is $460.
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Cheap option to try first: mount a side mirror (like for bikes) onto the stroller. "Just like mommy has on her car!" She can see you in it AND see the view ahead. We did this for my brother when he was a toddler and he just loved it. (He also had a steering wheel.)
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We have UppaBaby Vista for the past several years and it has a reversible seat. It has been pretty great and very durable.
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This is exactly how we ended up with the UppaBaby Cruz.
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I have the older model of the Sola stroller. It's cute and affordable ($400 is not CHEAP, but it's better than $1000) and fairly solid with plenty of basket space. I love it. I recommend it to everyone.
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We have a Britax B-Ready and the seat can face front or back. Our daughter is 2 and it is easily big enough for her, and likely will be for some time. It's around $500 in Canada, so likely cheaper in the States - especially if it's on sale.

Bonus with the B-Ready is if you have another child you can attach a second seat to it (although the older child may have to face forward at that point).
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Be sure to check craigslist -- you probably won't get a steal on one of the crazy expensive strollers, but it might allow you to buy a notch nicer than you could otherwise afford if you're willing to get a used one.
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I have this in both the single and double stroller versions. I bought the single first 5 years ago, and it's seen me through 3 kids. I liked it so much I bought the double version when I ended up with 2 under the age of 2.
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I have a Cruz as well and I like it fine. It seems like she will grow out of it earlier than an umbrella stroller, but then again, the umbrellas don't flip around.

Fair warning though, my 17 month old is so over her stroller no matter which way we face. I think she likes the shopping cart because she's up high and can see everything. Being close to eye level makes the difference for her.
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We had the Quinny buzz. You can place the seat forward or backward and it is good to 50 lbs.
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Used Bugaboo Chameleons are great.
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Baby Jogger Versa (single) or City Select (double).
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I had a Graco "flip it" with my first, it had handles that swing around so baby could face you or away. It's part of a whole car seat system, but maybe you could find just the stroller part. I sold mine on Craig's List for $40.
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We also have the Britax B Ready and it can face a toddler forward or backwards and also has an option for a second seat (which we currently use). The stroller fits babies to at least 4 years old. We love, Love, LOVE ours.
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I wore my Peg Perego into the ground - it lasted and lasted and lasted. We walked everywhere and I had two kids and even used to let the older one ride on the back. I loved that my child faced me and both kids spoke early - I think my interaction with them helped.
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Any chance what kiddo likes is the height?
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