Drawing comic storyboards. Need replacement for Appleworks
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I want to draw comic storyboards. In the old days I seem to remember Appleworks drawing documents allowed you to add boxes and/or fields that allowed text or drawing. I'm looking for the new equivalent.

The app will be for my macbook air (OS 10.9.1)
I want to do two things:
1. I want to add fields for text. I want to be able to type in text and move the box around to adjust format.

2. I want to add boxes where I can freehand draw. These I also want to be able to edit after I've drawn in them. I want to be able to move them around enlarge, reduce etc.

I've tried a couple of things already. LibreOffice has a drawing program but you can't create a box to freehand draw.

Apple Pages allows boxes and layouts. But you can't draw in the boxes. There's a pen tool but it's very clunky and it's mostly made for drawing shapes.

Right now I'm using Paintbrush but when you add text it turns it into part of the image. You can't select the text and edit the copy or move it around without altering the image it overlaps.

I've tried using both Paintbrush and Pages. I draw in Paintbrush and then copy/paste into Pages. But that's annoying.

Appleworks seemed to do this in a smooth and functional way. But I can't seem to find a replacement. Help me find something that works.

Two more things: It has to work with my Wacom Bamboo tablet.
I'm hoping to find something cheap/free. I'd be willing to spend $30 - $40 USD.
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Have you tried Manga Studio? I know that's what Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram, Young Avengers) and a bunch of other artists I follow on twitter use. The standard edition is on sale for $47 right now.
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Oktober beat me to the Manga Studio suggestion, but I will add that they also offer a 30 day trial
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Yup, another +1 for Manga Studio.
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MangaStudio is so good, it is so rad.
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Inkscape is good. And free.
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Comic Life for mac is also decent. I am not sure how it compares to Manga Studio.
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Comic Life, version 3. Fun.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Manga Studio is cool. But so far, it's too complex for my needs. I'm learning new software and not drawing comics.

Comic life is cool but seems to only allow importing photos, but not drawing in the fields. It might be something I can work with.
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