Help my friend find a lawyer to represent him for banking in Mexico
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My friend has an HSBC Mexico account, that had about 40,000 dollars in it.. he didn't use the account for a year, he called today to get a new checkbook, and found out the account had zero balance in may of 2013, and the account was closed. HSBC Mexico said they can't give more information unless he goes in person to a branch in Mexico. He is willing to hire a lawyer, or Power of attorney, or someone to investigate this in Mexico who legally represent him. He is currently far from mexico and can't make it there any time soon. His mom is in Mexico, can she get power of attorney?

Any advice on how to do this? How can he go about finding a lawyer in Mexico who can help him? Or what actions can he take? He suspects fraudulent activity as he did login to his internet banking last year and saw all his money there.
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Ugh, this is scary.

I think his mom can get power of attorney, using a Carta Poder. I found an example here (IANAL, so I don't know if it's correct). She'd need the signed document and his official ID (such as a passport).

I'll ask around and MeMail you with the names of a couple of lawyers in Mexico.
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Your friend or his mom should also contact the CONDUSEF (National Commission for the Defense and Protection of Users of Financial Services). Their site is not loading for me at the moment, but they also have a twitter account.
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