How can I identify the model number of a mysteriously unidentifiable Levi's jeans?
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How can I identify the model number of a mysteriously unidentifiable Levi's jeans?

My most beloved pair of jeans, bought in a thrift store, has almost worn out on me. I'd love to replace them with new ones of exactly the same model number, waist, and length (they fit perfectly) but I'm having trouble figuring out their model number! It's not listed anywhere on the jeans -- rear tag, inner tag, nowhere.

What I've got is the info from the inner tag:

W 34 L 29

852 01
977 0601 090434-6

Does anybody know how to extract meaningful information from those letters and digits?
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duh, sorry, that should read: 33% POLYESTER
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Are you certain they're Levi's? Levi's are usually 100% cotton.

Is the outer rear waistband tag--the leather "Levi's" tag--missing? On Levi's, the model number is always stamped in the bottom left-hand corner.
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can you read japanese ?
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These jeans are weird, but I think they're actual Levi's. I suppose they could be some kind of fake, but more likely I'd bet they're some model that's not normally available in the USA.

One other interesting fact is that the jeans have only four pockets, i.e. they lack the change pocket that's in most Levi's.

The leather on the rear tag has been completely (frustratingly!) worn away right about where the model number is stamped.

That Japanese page is intriguing... those jeans have the same 40547-2317 in their incomprehensible-to-me description, but those definitely aren't my jeans. But I'll try to stumble around that site to see what I find!
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oh holy hell, on closer examination I think the japanese jeans are the same ones...
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All I can find so far is that Levi's moved some of their operations to Guatemala in 1993 and then moved some 501 assembly to Guatemala and Mexican plants in 1997.

In 1998 they sued (pdf) to recover some duties the US imposed on their jeans citing that since they were only assembled in Guatemala of US materials and then stone washed in the US, that the pants were indeed USA garments and not imports.

I don't know if any of that info is helpful?
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i'm sure there's a levi's store near you. if you take them to the shop, you may be able to find someone who can identify them for you; of course, you may not, but i was in the levi's store here in chicago and the manager had an alarming off-the-top-of-his-head command of the levi's catalog.
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Definately bring them in to a Levi's store, they should be able to help you. Years ago I worked at a place that sold Levi's, & I believe this number: 40547-2317 means that they are 547s. The first two numbers, if I remember right, denote men's. The number after the dash are the color/finish.
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Thanks everybody. I've got some good leads now!
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