Yoga styles and London-based class recommendations
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As I get older, I get creakier and I'm hoping yoga may be the answer. Can anyone recommend a class in south-east or east London that focuses mostly on the physical side of yoga and less on the meditative/spiritual aspects? Bonus points for suggesting a particular style that would suit me, a physically active late 30s male who swims and cycles regularly.
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I've been to Frame in Shoreditch a couple of times and enjoyed myself - they do plenty of all-ability classes. There wasn't that much of the spiritual stuff although I found that varied with the instructor. Only stopped going because it was £12 a pop and I like being outdoors more. Oh and I almost gave myself a hernia - turns out I'm pretty creaky too!
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I have been to several Triyoga classes when visiting London. I am a male too and plenty of boys there as I recall.
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It's not yoga at all, but I'd suggest you might also like pilates, and it's definitely going to be low on the spiritual side.
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I was going to suggest Pilates for those inevitable aches of aging. It's all about finding strength and stability in the way your muscles work together as a system.
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I think pilates would be good and hot yoga might be. The latter I know people who love it and others who think it's not great but it might help with the creakiness. I've found pilates very effective for core strength/overall fitness but I think yoga is better for flexibility.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your responses. I'm pretty happy with my core strength and overall fitness, it's definitely the flexibility I'm looking for.
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