Getting around the Galapagos
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We are going to Ecuador this summer and want to go to the Galapagos. Google suggests cruises, but our guidebook suggests that it is possible to island-hop on ferries and avoid sleeping on a boat. What's our best option?

We are looking at about a week in the Galapagos, though that's flexible. Budget is also flexible, though we don't want to go too crazy.

If a cruise is the way to go, are there companies that you'd recommend? The cruises all take different routes - what islands should we make sure not to miss?

Otherwise - in real life, how feasible is it to see the Galapagos by taking ferries between the major islands and day-tripping out? Are we going to miss stuff if we go this route? Is it just going to be a huge pain?

I looked at the other Galapagos questions but a lot of them were for seniors or non-traveling types. We travel a lot (though we're not exactly adventure travelers), are good at both planning and going with the flow, speak okay Spanish, and budget is not a huge issue.
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Do day trips from Santa Cruz. Some of the islands are pretty barren and not really 'destinations' on their own, merely landmarks for diving.

If you don't SCUBA dive, get certified ASAP. The Galapagos would be 10% as interesting if you don't dive, in my opinion.
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Some are the islands are far apart and if you don't sleep on the boat between them you waste a lot of daytime traveling.
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For the reasons stated above, cruises are the best option.

I went on the M/V Santa Cruz, and it was wonderful. There are a lot of good options, though.
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