where to find Wheel of fortune answers same day?
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I want to prank someone by finding out answers for wheel of fortune before it airs in my time zone (6.30PM CST) I know the show airs as early as 5.30PM EST. I found this site, but it updates after it airs at 6.30PM CST. Can anyone help me find out the answers to the same day show before 6.30PM CST?
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If you're willing to spend a little bit of money, you could probably get someone on taskrabbit or craigslist to watch the show in EST and write down the answers and get them to you before it airs in CST. Maybe even use a google doc to get them to you in realtime.
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Any east coast friends you can bribe to watch for you and funnel you the answers?
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I was going to suggest asking someone nicely over at The Big Board, but it seems to be closed to new members at this time. Maybe google around to see if another gameshow enthusiast discussion forum exists where you might be able to ask a fan/fellow trickster to help?

I'd totally help you out myself if I were on the east coast, but alas..

Alternately, Pat Sajak has twitter...
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I'm on the East Coast! What day? Shoot me a MeMail.
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I'm in the Eastern time zone as well. If it turns out for some reason that quadrilaterals can't help you, MeMail me.
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Note that Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated show, which means that each station makes its own decison on when to show it. Don't just assume that because someone is on the east coast, they'll see it sooner--for example, WABC in New York airs it at 7:30 EST, which won't work for you, but WBMA in Birmingham, AL airs it 3:30 CST. The show's website has a listing of when it airs in each market.
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I'm willing to serve as your second backup, as it airs at 7:00 p.m. EST in the Cleveland area.
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