British tracksuit question
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Looking for British (I think) track suit. Help.....

I worked with some Brits a few months ago, and they all had some sort of trackwear for exercising that was a dark blue, but it had these thick (aprox 1 inch) stripes of white that ran from the cuff all the way up to the sholder. Not the typical Addidas style which has a few stripes running all the way, these were at an angle of about 45 degrees, and alternated all the way up (about 40 or 50 of them).
Does anybody know what I am talking about?
Where can I buy these?
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I know what you're talking about. But I can't seem to find one to show you (or where to get 'em). The ones that I know that fit this description are thermal underwear tops and bottoms that come in dark blue and black (and maybe red and white?). They have the stripes. I've seen them in outdoorsy stores here in the states. I thought that the brand was Descent (a skiiing brand), but google doesn't find 'em. Checking with the usual suspects online (rei, campmor, moosejaw, etc.) didn't turn them up either. Some of the tops have 1/4 zippers more like a shirt and others were full-zip, like a shaped jacket. Hope that this helps.
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zpousman, you might be thinking of this Descente (note the extra e) but I can't find them on this site. I know the garment you are talking about, sort of hash marks up the sleeve.
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Sounds like Helly Hansen Lifa, although it's more of a thermal baselayer than tracksuit.

Like this?
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Exactly what I was looking for.
Is there any question that Metafilter cannot answer?
(don't answer that) : )
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