How do I make my mouse's scrollwheel work windows-esque on a mac?
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When I use a mouse with a scrollwheel on the mac, the scrolling doesn't work like I'm used to in windows. Specifically, if I scroll one click of the wheel, it scrolls an infinitesimal amount (looks like one pixel height). I've never looked specifically at what the Windows behavior is, but I think it's three lines per scroll click. Is there any way to change this to be what I'm used to?
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The windows behavior is selectable. 3 lines is the default, but you can make it as many as you want.
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Response by poster: Perhaps I was confusing; I want to change the behavior on my mac. I want it to be like Windows.
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I'm on a Macbook and I just scrolled down this entire page using the wheel with three "turns." Could it be specific to the driver of the device itself? I'm using what would normally be considered a "Windows" mouse, not a Mac product.
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Actually if you go to "Mouse" in system preferences (or just type "Mouse" in spotlight), there's a setting called "Scroll speed."
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Best answer: To get the behaviour you want, I think you'll need a 3rd-party driver.
I believe SteerMouse offers the behaviour you're after - I recall it having an option for non-accelerative, multi-line scrolling. It's payware, but it also has a 30 day trial. Good luck!
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Response by poster: BAH I HAVE TO PAY $20
But at least it works. Thanks!
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how much do you like this mouse? this behavior is blatantly different from mouse to mouse on my macs, and if the choice is pay $20 for a piece of software or $20 for a new mouse... i'd probably just buy a new mouse. Hell, i've seen nice lenovo and logitech wireless mice for $10 on clearance before posted up on slickdeals...
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