I Should Have Asked: Grandma, What's a Gazakus?
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My hilarious grandma (may she rest in peace) often used the word gazakus (sp?). Was it a nonsense word she made up, or is it a real word that actually means something?

For context, Grandma would say things like "you'll freeze your gazakus" or "don't fall on your gazakus." I always assumed that gazakus meant rump, but I never thought to ask. I also never thought to ask where she learned that word.

My questions for the hivemind are: has anyone else heard this word before? Is it a nonsense word my grandma made up, is it regional, or is it a real word in some other language?

If it helps, she was born in Lumber City, Pennsylvania (100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh) in 1904. She was a Protestant. She moved to Rochester, New York in her 20s and lived there until 1971, when she and my grandfather retired to Winter Haven, Florida. She died in 1996, before I got to ask her what the heck she was talking about.
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Can you clarify how that's pronounced? GAZ-a-kus? gah-ZAW-kus?
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Are you sure that it's not a variation of tuchas?
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How about gazookus?
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related to Yiddish loan word "tuchus"?
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Not to threadsit, but just to answer the question above, she said it like ga-ZAH-kiss.
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Yeah, gazookus. Here's the book MsMolly's link is citing with a secondary definition of "butt" (and also vagina, but your grandma probably wasn't as worried about anyone freezing or falling on that) starting around the 1960s.

Anecdata: I remember hearing the word growing up from adults in school-type situations who wanted a humorous but aggressively G-rated synonym for butt. A nonsense word, but a widespread one!
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Could just be a word from another language that she used as a stand-in for "butt". My mom and her sisters lived in Japan for a few years, and they do this with "gozaimasu" - it is part of the expression "ohayou gozaimasu" (good morning), but they use it when we are playing cards, "Geez, I've got hearts coming out the gozaimasu!"

I actually thought your grandma was using "gozaimasu" just like my family, and then I remembered that my family is a special kind of weird.
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Yeah, gazookus. Here's the book MsMolly's link is citing with a secondary definition of "butt"

“Gazoo” is probably related to “wazoo” and “yazoo,” as in “up the wazoo.”
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If she read P. G. Wodehouse, could it be Gazeka? (From Mike.)
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