Help a trans woman find cute boots that fit?
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I'm looking for these boots. They exist, but not in my size (US 13 women / US 11.5 men / EU 45). How do I find these boots or find somebody to make a high quality version of them?

I'm sorry to ask this, but the failed search has been very dysphoria-inducing. It's a painful reminder that nothing close to my body exists in nature in any meaningful quantity, and I'll never pass. I've been looking for hours and hours, and it's been causing me to lose sleep for the last two nights.
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These are the closest I've found in my size. They're not what I'm looking for, as they're not tall enough, and more cowboy than cute. I'm being specific because the clothes have to be more precisely what I'm aiming for than for most people's purposes, in order to compensate for how wrong my body looks. Most lace up boots I've found have heels, which is the last thing I want, as it would make me appear even taller.
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Why not try custom bootmakers on etsy?
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The site BareFootTess specializes in women's shoes and boots in size 10 and above - this and this are both available in 13, though they're not exact matches of that lace-up boot. Good luck in your search.
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Here are some in the right color, though not laceup: boots

I don't know if you have any issues with width, but I wear a women's 12EE and I get a lot of shoes on Zappos and Avenue (though their quality is not as good).
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priscilla lace-up
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Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boot - not laceup but a gorgeous brown color, low heel, great reviews, comes in Women's size 13.

Corso Como 'Stirrup' Boot

Rose Petals Atom (Wide Calf) Black Softee Calf - nice shiny buckle detail

Is a 1-1.5" heel too high? There are lots of options with that size of heel, but I'm not sure if you're hoping for something flatter than that.

How important is the lace-up detail on the front?
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Thank you so much for the responses!!

As this is for cosplay, the lace-up detail is quite important. Seeing myself do justice to a cute character has been such a positive thing for me, and I'm trying my hardest to get this one as spot-on as I can.

I have no doubt the importance I place on this sounds unusual, but heartfelt thanks for the care and empathy of everyone who's helping me with this :)
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Apologies that this doesn't answer your current question (since they don't really do boots) but I hope this is helpful for the future:

Shoes of Prey does custom shoes in sizes up to about a women's 15, depending on the shoe style. They aren't cheap and they take a little while to ship (they say 4 weeks, it's been closer to 2 in my experience) but I've been very happy with the shoe quality.
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If you feel like spending a LOT of money for a very nice boot, you can get any of the Wesco women's boots (some of which are far more fashion-y than I had hitherto realized) in larger sizes. The lace-up styles are shown in 10" versions on the front page but you can get them in 10/12/14/16, and I know they have a light brown suede or roughout leather. The "Shadows" and the "Phoenix" can be built entirely of suede, even though they're shown in suede/smooth. (Go in to the custom build section for each boot to see all the choices in leathers.) I asked and they say that they don't formally have a women's 13 last, but they adjust the equivalent men's last. (You send in a tracing of your foot and some measurements.) A friend has a pair of Wescos and they are really nice. I don't know if these would be right for cosplay (since they cost so! much!) but on the other hand, you could wear them forever and ever and ever.

I am on a "no more shoes" regime right now and I only ever wear men's shoes anymore, but I am so horribly tempted by a couple of these. They are like my dream shoes from circa 2000.
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These have laces up the back


(I'm always excited to help a fellow tall, big-footed lady out!)
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I'm feeling decreasingly dysphoric, and increasingly hopeful. Just seeing this wider universe of boots in my size makes me feel less "off the charts" :)

I'm apologetic for omitting some details in my initial post that are important to me:

* My foot width is medium
* Needs laces up the front (the cuter the better!)
* 20-24" tall is ideal (16" feels a little short, but I could live with that)
* I can live with a little heel. ~2" might be a flexible soft-limit.
* Any color in the brown spectrum is optimal, but I can live with black if all the other details are right
* Most boots out there might be described as "utilitarian", or "rugged", which isn't right for this character. If I were talking to a pure cosplay crowd, I'd say I'm looking for moƩ boots... The closest more accessible words are "adorable" or "endearing", which is why I'm pining after the ones in my initial post so much.

The kindness of every reply does my heart well. I wish I could reciprocate to every one of you and be like "that's the one!!", but even though that's not yet the case, by virtue of your cumulative posts, I know that shoes / boots for me are out there, and I know specific good places to find them. That's powerful, and I'll doubtlessly revisit this thread when I look for my next pair of shoes.

I'll continue monitoring this thread, and if I don't see a match for my (apologetically infuriatingly specific / fickle) criteria, there's a number of links you posted to people who make custom boots, which I'm sure will get me what I need.

Again, thank you so much for helping me feel less distressed :)
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(And I might yet decide upon one of those already linked in this thread! I can only steal glances at links until I get home from work tonight.)
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Again, not a help for this specific request, but do consider Long Tall Sally for larger size shoes/boots in the future. They carry up to a size 13 women's. (Don't fret over your size... Elle Macpherson wears a not so far off size 12, so you're not in bad company!) And PS, as a girl who needs an 11.5 in athletic shoes and hiking boots where men's sizing is too wide, I feel your pain of wanting shoes that just aren't manufactured.
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Ah, that makes sense in terms of the lace-up detail!, many of us have obsessed over boots for far less important reasons. Your desire to have sexy boots is an extremely valid reason :-)

Sarita Lace Back Riding Boot from Avenue - on sale for $34!

David Tate Tampa Wide Shaft Black - lace up the back

Ros Hommerson Women's Trendy-M Knee-High Boot buttons up the back

Rocket Dog 'Beany' Boot - lace-up the front, and available in black and tan!

Would you ever consider ordering some cosplay boots? It seems like many of them are customizable in terms of color and size.

There are also steampunk options - I think a victorian/equestrian laceup option might work well.
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St. Peepsburg - they won't fit her, as they only go up to size 11.

Torrid also carries women's boots in size 13, and they might have options for other occasions.

Funtasma Women's GoGo 2" Block Heel Lace Up boots - these are black, but I believe they come in brown too. But the heels are 2".
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Here's a pair that a little less utilitarian and have a 2" heel, but probably aren't as tall as you'd like.

Also -- it seems to me like the soft suede may be what gives the boots you linked the more "adorable" look, if that helps anyone's search efforts.
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> soft suede may be what gives the boots you linked the more "adorable" look

I think you're totally right about soft suede :)

Also, raised toes seem to be detrimental.

(Like I said, my criteria here are infuriatingly specific)
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You could also try swapping out the laces. The ones you linked to have a very wide, suede looking lace. Most of the boots that I see in the shops have kind of a thin waxy looking lace. That could really change the look. A utilitarian boot suddenly looks cute with ribbons instead of laces.
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I have the Sarita boots that barnone linked up thread and they are VERY cute! I realize that they're black and lace up the back but they aren't cowboy or rugged looking at all. But I do love the Jeffrey Campbell boots you linked, you have great taste!
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If you find one you like and the heels are small (1-2") you could ask a cobbler to grind them down a little for you.
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