Toggling IE Compatibility Mode makes website(s) work?
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Ever visit a website (or build a website yourself) that would not completely load unless you togged compatibility mode off and on a few times? I'm dealing with that now and while it may be a red herring, at least I can eventually get some of the content to show up.

Caveat to all of this: The website is hosted within SharePoint 2007, so I'm not surprised by any of the issues I'm having.
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Response by poster: I think it would be clearer if I added: "What the hell causes this? What did you do to fix it?"
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Are you on WiFi? My first thought is you have a flaky connection and toggling compatibility mode is effectively reloading the page. Eventually you hit a point where your connection is stable enough to load the entire page.
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I think it also does a more aggressive job of clearing the cache. But if that's the case, then I think it'd only be necessary to click it the once to clear the cache then one more time to get it back to (hopefully) non-compatibility mode. So, two clicks?
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Response by poster: @zixyer - if only. Nope, wired network.

@wintrymix - sometimes 6 or more. Variable number of times. 2 doesnt always do it. Definitely appears to be cookie based, but I dont have any good techniques to investigate that.
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Is this an intranet sharepoint site? IE often behaves in an extra-special manner when visiting intranet sites, depending on various settings. Do you still get this behavior if you toggle the "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" setting (Found via the Cog menu > Compatibility View settings)? You may also want to take a look at the security settings for the intranet zone, to see if anything's been moved off of the default for that.
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