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I'm looking for thoughtful, thought-provoking blogs (and books, I guess) covering topics like queer theory, trans/gender theory, identity politics, and maybe related activism. Transmasculine/masculine of center/FTM topics especially welcome. Extreme academic jargon is not a turn-off. A few additional notes inside.

- I'm mostly looking for things that cover broader social implications of queer/trans/identity theory, so less "ramifications for me of my individual identity in my individual social circle" and more "ramifications of variant identities in society generally." I'm not explicitly excluding individual narratives, but I'd prefer they be self-aware enough to realize they're individual.

- I'm kind of not looking for things like Original Plumbing. Although there are some gems in there, here is what I'm not into about OP: weird tendency to try to generalize a fundamentally individual experience ("My voice was fine after transition" -> "No one should worry about their voice in transition."); kind of breathless feeling that I'm finding it hard to describe; focus on slice-of-life and newsy stories instead of deeper meditations on identity and politics.

- Things that are likely to make my blood boil (I'm looking at you, Staceyann Chin) are fine as long as they're well-reasoned and not just incendiary.

- I've already read Autostraddle's trans*scribe series.
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I am a big fan of Black Girl Dangerous. From their About page:
Black Girl Dangerous seeks to, in as many ways possible, amplify the voices, experiences and expressions of queer and trans* people of color.

Black Girl Dangerous is a place where we can make our voices heard on the issues that interest us and affect us, where we can showcase our literary and artistic talents, where we can cry it out, and where we can explore and express our “dangerous” sides: our biggest, boldest, craziest, weirdest, wildest selves.
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I was going to send you to Bully Bloggers, which is a group wordpress blog to which quite a few prominent queer theorists contribute, but in attempting to get to the website, got a malware warning from Google-- so, be careful? But they're great.

Jack Halberstam (whose books--especially "Female Masculinity"--you probably want to be reading too if you aren't already)
Sara Ahmed

Not a blog, but you might also find BUTCH interesting.
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The Toast is doing a thing called the Trans* Series but they might have good content elsewhere too. I think the things they post would at least hit your self-awareness criterion.
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