Beer bars in NYC
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I'd like to go to a beer bar in Manhattan this weekend. I've always liked Zum Schneider but want to try some place different. Prefer a place that's typically not too crowded on a Saturday around 6pm (that seems early enough to avoid crowds, right?); quiet enough to talk; and ideally, which also has good food. Thanks!
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Burp Castle, except I don't think they serve food.
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Jimmy's No. 43, is next to Burp Castle and has good food and a good beer list.

FYI, NYC Beer Week is 2/21 - 3/2.
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Seconding The Pony Bar (UES).
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Blind Tiger Alehouse. I was just there yesterday, love the food.
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Haven't been there in a while so not sure how crowded it will be (it's tiny), but I love Earl's Beer and Cheese.
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Woops. Didn't notice the Manhattan limits.

Then I'd say Ginger Man. There was a meetup there a while back.
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There's Bier International in Harlem, which has an excellent selection of German and other beers and a variety of wursts.
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DBA has great beer.
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I just went to Antler Beer and Wine on the Lower East Side and it was cute and quiet. Not a huge selection of beer but good stuff. Got some tasty food as well.
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Blind Tiger has some of the best beer (and phenomenal food!) but it's location means it may have a bit of a crowd on a Saturday evening. And their stupid bar shape means the slightest crowd feels like a packed subway car.
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Seconding Bier International.
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To go along with earls, there's ABV, right around the corner.
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Go to Zum Schneider, cross C, turn right and then left into ABC Beer. Good neighbors, good beer. No kitchen, but an excellent selection of sausage, cheese, pickles, snacky stuff. And Bob White is right next door.
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If you're at all interested in Polish and Czech beer, Klimat has a really impressive list. They also have stellar pierogis.
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Two Lower East Side spots: Randolph Beer has a great selection of taps that are half price until 7pm and ok food. Top Hops doesn't have food, but has an incredible beer selection. If you're willing to cross into Brooklyn, St. Gambrinus is right next to Atlantic/Pacific station and The Chip Shop will deep fry anything.
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Seconding Pony Bar (HK or UES). Rattle N Hum is also great!
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I stumbled on a nice place at 13th st and third ave, The Brazen Fox. They had about 20 taps for craft beers, and I thought the menu was more adventurous than usual.
I noshed on Fries with slices of foie gras and a small cup of rendered duck fat to dip. The foie gras was gone in a bite or two, but the duck fat was a pretty unctuous little add-on.
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