I'm looking for a succinct, daily world news podcast?
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I'd like a world news podcast that is released daily, and is a brief summary of top stories. (the shorter the better, but definitely less than 30 minutes). BBC Global News has too much non-top stories. I want a summary of the top 10 news stories. I don't want personal stories, I want trending news items from global news, for example: who is rioting? Who experienced a typhoon? What huge controversy happened at the Olympics? What song is taking over the airwaves? Which app just became the most downloaded app in history? So I guess the biggest news items, and the biggest trending items.
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I don't there is going to be one podcast that meets your needs. I'd find the short news podcasts (many come out hourly -NPR, Marketplace, Wallstreet Journal etc.) and a daily culture podcast for the right mix (Monocle 24: The Briefing might hit the right spot). I use an podcatcher app called "Hourly News" on my mac and iphone just for this. It refreshes on each launch so you are listening to the newest podcast.
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[For international, BBC and Voice of America have hourly podcasts too. - less than five minutes]
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Might you prefer the BBC World Update: Daily Commute to the BBC Global News podcast?
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Ahhhh, Evening Edition would have been perfect for this. In addition to their website, they had a five-minute daily podcast of the day's top stories. Unfortunately, they ceased operation at the end of 2013. I've also been looking for a replacement.

NPR has an hourly news podcast that might work for you.
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Best answer: Thanks rensar, through that I have found my new current favorite, it's a daily 7 AM 5 minute news update NPR 7AM news summary link
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