Android alarm clock that notices when I'm already awake?
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I'm getting a Fitbit Flex soon and am planning to use its silent alarm feature so my partner can keep snoozing undisturbed while I rise and shine. I'd still like to have a noisy alarm as a backup just in case, though. Is there an Android app available that can do either of the following things: 1) notices that I'm already up (via the motion sensor, or unlocking the screen) and will skip any upcoming alarms or 2) has a really quick way to skip the next alarm (say, from the notification bar or a widget on the home screen) - if I have to open the app I'm likely to forget. I believe KitKat has feature #2 in the stock clock, but my S3 Mini is still on version 4.1.2 and I'm not sure if/when an update will be coming. Thanks!
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Can't you just turn off the alarm when you wake up? I do this routinely. I set two alarms to avoid oversleeping, so when I get up, I turn the other alarm off because it's generally just super annoying to be getting dressed and have to run over to turn off my annoyingly loud alarm.

On Android, you should just put the "analog clock" widget on your home screen. When you tap the analog clock, the alarms open up. No need to go into your app list or download a special app. It's literally one tap away from your alarms and comes with Android. You could also put the "alarm" app on your home screen -- same thing, I guess.
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You're right that kitkat allows you to dismiss alarms from the notification screen.
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Best answer: I have Alarm Clock Xtreme Free and it doesn't have a quick way to disable next, but from the notifications screen you can get to today's alarm and disable it.

(I have the GS3 (non-mini) and I absolutely strongly recommend that you don't upgrade to 4.3 if it becomes available. It has made my phone a sluggish pig, and it is impossible to downgrade. I don't know about KitKat yet, but if GS3 can't handle 4.3 well I'd imagine the mini can't either :( )
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You might want to wait and test the Fitbit first. I'm a very, very sound sleeper and can tell you the buzz on your wrist will wake you without fail.
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Best answer: I use AlarmDroid and it has a skip next alarm feature. It takes two clicks, one on the widget to launch the app, then one on the arrow icon in the app's menu bar. I can't say I've ever used that feature to tell you how well it works though.

I use the paid Pro version, but I believe that just removes ads.
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