How to get gas rewards indirectly using a non-rewards fleet card?
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I regularly gas up vehicles with a fleet card. The company footing the bill has no interest in any sort of rewards credit cards. Is there any way to get rewards for fill-ups with a fleet card at gas stations in Seattle, WA? (My instinct was no, but given that the FuelRewards program lets you save on gas based on grocery purchases, it got me wondering if the reverse is possible).
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I thought Upromise might be an option, but they seem to specifically exclude fleet purchases.
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If you are using a true fleet fuel card, I believe the company gets something back - either end of year rebate based on gallons used, a lower per-gallon price, or the card is tied to gasoline futures/commodities that the fleet owner bought and have stored at/by the provider.
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Margins on fleet cards are even narrower than the already razor thin margins on gas as it is. Any loyalty benefit was given when the fleet rate was negotiated between your employer and the Cenex rep.
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