Charles William who?
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I have this nagging (yet unfounded) feeling that the lyrics in this song are referencing something that I should get, but I don't. Lend me your ears.

I'm not terribly good at deciphering lyrics so I can't make out everything being sung here. I've written to the band to ask for lyrics but they haven't responded. I have two questions:

1.) What do you think are the lyrics in the line, "Charles William [ ] / I am so far from home"?
2.) Is it clear to you that the Charles William referenced in this song is a historical person I should be able to identify by context, or do you think it's just a name they chose or a personal reference?

I can't shake the idea that I should know who Charles William is but maybe I'm being influenced by the Unearth song 'Giles' as a reference to Giles Corey. It goes without saying that a Google search for just the name "Charles William" doesn't help much.
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Charles Williams was a British writer who produced several novels on supernatural themes. I have no idea whether this is what's intended.
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Charles William Beebe was an explorer. You yourself might explore the Wikipedia list for entries beginning Charles William.
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It looks like I spoke too soon - the band did get back to me to say that Charles William is a personal reference and not some famous figure.
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Excellent, because I was thinking you'd have to be a serious nerd lyricist to write a song dedicated to Charles William Beebe...
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