Bad Guy + Gravity = Swiss Cheese
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Watching the video from this FPP got me wondering. There are countless scenes in movie and TV shows that depict somebody shooting somebody else and that person falling to the ground dead from a rooftop, ledge, etc. (and possibly Wilhelm screaming on the way). Are there any examples where the shooter/killer keeps firing at the gravity-stricken victim while they fall?
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In the Matrix movies, falling to your certain death from a very high building is no reason for either party to give up on a perfectly good gunfight.
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Technically the shootee dives out the window rather than falls, but this Matrix Reloaded scene has some diving/falling/shooting.
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How about the opposite: The end of Sharky's Machine has the falling guy shoot up at the good guy as he falls
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Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol's opening features exactly this, though the bad guys (in true bad guy fashion) do miss the falling guy pretty spectacularly.
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