Civil unrest news source without any fluff, bias, or distraction
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I'm looking for any website that provides up to date unbiased news, reports and footage of political upheaval and civil unrest. For example (applicable to today), like many other news websites it would have up to date material on what's happening in the Ukraine - but (unlike many news websites) also what is happening in Venezuela right now, plus Syria (as some media news outlets have stopped their coverage and moved onto other situations).

As I'm distracted by ... anything ... am looking for a website with:

- no ads
- no non-unrest news
- no celebrity stuff
- no sports

Unless I've missed it, this rules out every major news website. I realize this may be hopeless optimism (e.g. why would such a website exist?). Is there anything that comes close? I just want to go in, see up to date footage and accurate details, not get distracted, and I'm out the website again.
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Have you seen the Brown Moses blog?
His twitter: "Focusing on Syria, the wider Arab Spring, and the UK phone hacking scandal."

Some background:
How Brown Moses exposed Syrian arms trafficking from his front room

Not sure if this covers the up to date requirement but the analysis appears good.
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Of course "bias" and "accuracy" are tough to measure objectively for just about any site.
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For Syria, your best bet is probably Jadaliyya. It covers the Middle East and North Africa, not just Syria, but you can filter articles by country. Their latest article on Syria is here.
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How about al jazeera?
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Indy Media may be what you want. It has a list of countries down the left. You can read about it on Wikipedia.
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