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Information about Microsoft and their plans for Office 12

I'm having a hard time finding some information about Microsoft. I am looking for a list of ALL their partners at the Global ISV level. I think there are 34 of them but I can't find a page that lists them all. Also, Microsoft has listed some functionality that will be available in Office 12 and the next version of SharePoint but I'm hoping there is a blog or mailing list that will keep track of Office 12 functionality as new information is released. Any help is appreciated.
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Check here.
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Here is some info about Office 12
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Microsoft Office 12 Screenshots and more screenshots and discussion, plus Microsoft's Q&A on the new user interface.

Unofficial Windows Vista Weblog.
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I second the suggestion to read Jensen Harris' blog. There is a ton of behind-the-scenes information about the design of Office 12 on that blog, as well as historical tidbits about past versions.
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There's also a blog specifically for Excel 12 (more powerful conditional formatting! yay!).

You can also get an extended peek at "the ribbon" and the rest of the updated Office UI in this interview with Julie Larson-Green, "who runs the team that designed and built the new Office user interface".

I'm looking forward to this update and hoping that the migration of the update to Office for Mac doesn't take long.
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Loads of link in the Wikipedia article.
You might also be interested in Microsoft Watch
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